The Business of Being Vulnerable.

heart-300pxwideVulnerability, honesty, storytelling, connection + relationship-building are at the cornerstone of every business and life interaction. Cultivating a wild, passionate + untamed love for how you show up to the world will set you apart + set you free.

In this space, I want to explore with you what it means in business + in life, when you allow yourself to be vulnerable. How much more success, freedom, love + passion will you have when you learn how to simply let go?

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I Want to Help You Tell Stories That Matter.

Storytelling connects us as human beings. Whether you are running a business or running a household, building relationships is key + one way to do that is through the connection made when we become vulnerable + open ourselves up to others. I want to help you tell stories that:

Help You Get More Business

People do business with people. If you aren’t building relationships + telling the story of your company + your products + eliciting emotional investment from your customers before you get to launch day, you’ll see far less success.

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Help You Unearth Your Passion

What are you passionate about? What makes you wake up every day energized? Isn’t it time that you felt fulfilled all the way to the depth of your soul? In order to achieve that, you’re going to have to open up + let life in. Trust me, it’s good.

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Create Deeper, More Meaningful Relationships

It has been said that vulnerability is the most important ingredient of a trusting, intimate relationship. I wholeheartedly agree. Speaking our wide open truth to the people who matter the most in our lives is not only important but crucial.

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Tell Better Stories

If you want to learn more about how to tell stories that create impact, elicit an emotional response in your readers (or customers), open yourself up to the world just a little bit more and create vulnerable moments through which people can relate, start here.

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Meet Erin Blaskie.

  • Who I Am
  • 1.

    You have an audience and I have stories to share. From practical workshops to inspiring fireside chats, I love connecting with an audience. From New York to Hawaii to Montreal to Chicago, I’ve been blessed to share my voice with others.


    I’m constantly writing + sharing stories. Between my business blog, my personal blog + my trusty moleskine, there seems to never exist a moment when I’m not processing my thoughts + cultivating them into something to share.


    Creating is one of the things I do best. Being entrepreneurial is not limited solely to the business world, either. From the time I was eight years old, I learned the value in being a creative entrepreneur + I’ve used those lessons ever since.

  • 10426201_10152773163032313_8075617788797030480_nWhen I was six years old, my dad handed me a Commodore 64 + thus blew my entire world wide open.

    It wasn’t long after that I was running a company from our tiny bungalow, complete with a red-velvet-lined-cassette-tape-case-turned-briefcase, doling out “work assignments” to anyone who would do them. At sixteen I formulated my first serious business idea, in which I’d pass out flyers offering my computer skills to local businesses, but it was thwarted by the invitation to work at my uncle’s ice cream factory. Ice cream trumped word processing back then.

    This pattern continued throughout my college years + the moment I broke free of the institutional walls, I started my first company at the ripe age of twenty-one.

    As most entrepreneurs do, I suffer from shiny object syndrome with a side dose of cyclical evolutionary syndrome, whereby I reinvent myself every few years. I am not quite as glamorous as Cher but I feel as though we’ve had as many farewell tours so I like to think that we’d be good friends given the chance.

    The one constant that remained through all of these makeovers was my innate desire to remain passionate, vulnerable, open, honest + courageous. The ultimate cocktail for a life well-lived.

    This space has been ruminating for awhile. When you have specific places on the Internet that house your very specific projects (business, personal blog, social media profiles), it only makes sense to create a more abstract container to house the “rest of it.” Or, perhaps this is really all of it. The epicenter of why I do what I do regardless of whether it involves video games, supporting other entrepreneurs, speaking, writing, making videos or hanging out with my daughter. It’s everything, really.

    Deep gratitude for you being here + reading this. I really hope that I can help inspire you to live a life you love, own a business that frees you + a spirit that soars.


  • My Blog : All The Little Lights

    Here’s where I share stories of life, love and motherhood. Most of my style there is a photo-journalistic. All the Little Lights is an homage to all the little passion areas that fill me up. That pour light into my soul. There are just so many bits and pieces to my life that I am supremely grateful for. Go there now.

    My Company : Next Dev Media

    Next Dev Media is a full-service digital agency that provides a one-stop shop for its online-focused clients. Having serviced over 300 businesses in the last ten years, Next Dev Media knows what it means to succeed in a digitally focused landscape and how to stand out from the crowd. Go there now.


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